Often disputes between the contractual parties can often be achieved by reference to a third party. With over twenty years experience of the construction industry on such a wide variety of projects in scale, type and contractual relationships Philip Pike is the ideal extra resource to take an over-view of the main issues and provide solutions to allow you to progress to resolution. My philosophy has always been to focus on resolving issues at the earliest opportunity and to try and avoid matters escalating into costly and lengthy disputes.

I take an honest, consultative approach and then seek the most commercial and cost effective route towards resolution. Advice may be all Pikes Limited provide, or if the problem is more serious, then it will be tackled in stages. Pikes limited can dedicate our resources to progress to a resolution. We can provide you with:-

Contractual advice and reviews.

  • Contractual advice and reviews.

  • Fair value advice

  • Extension of time narratives

  • Delay analysis.

  • Disruption and quantum claims

If you have a potential contractual issue or claim developing, then please call or Email for a preliminary discussion. Our service and experience in this discipline is trusted and used by a growing number of Clients.